C-Level Partners: A Guiding Light in Managing Turbulence

C-Level Partners (CLP), an advisory and consulting service, began as a group of executives coming together to form a peer advisory group helping one another achieve career and business objectives. Some of the executives serve purely as advisers while others hold top-level positions in companies. Today, approximately 35 executives remain as part of the C-Level Partners networking and peer advisory group.


CLP is a business performance consultancy and advisory.  We are currently comprised of four managing directors fully dedicated to help small to mid-size companies achieve value creation by revenue, improvements, margin accretion, while removing the business constrainsts to profitable growth. These partners have helped navigate the market turbulence as executives or as consultants for companies such as Boeing, US Cellular, HP, Kodak, Nationwide Insurance, Veterinary Pet Insurance, and Pareto Investments. Additionally, CLP draws on the available talent in the networking group when appropriate for projects that will benefit from the specific skill sets of a respective executive.


Navigating Turbulence


CLP believes the key to business success is identifying and removing the constraints and obstacles that prevent companies from achieving their desired results. Executives set goals, create strategies, evaluate risk, and establish strategic objectives along with detailed plans to achieve those objectives. Turbulence, in the form of constraints, will capsize even the best plans.


How well companies navigate turbulence determines their fate. Sometimes executives are too close to the issues to see them clearly. CLP is skilled at helping identify and solve the core issues – whatever they are.


Companies sometimes create their own turbulence within the company. For example, a dysfunctional executive team will find it difficult to make progress toward a common goal. Turbulence also comes from outside the company as markets shift, competitors get better, and regulations tighten, among other things.


CLP uses its PRASE methodology to work with you in identifying and removing constraints holding back performance. PRASE does not promise a fancy new strategy or steps to guaranteed success. The value in the PRASE methodology is the discipline for seeing things as they are and creating the plans and follow through to get results. Disciplined execution is the last step in the PRASE methodology.  CLP can provide the recommnedations and the plan as well as roll up their sleeves to execute the plan.


We believe we can help you sort through your challenges and get focused on the issues that will create break through results. CLP is your “beacon for value creation.”


Our new book, StreetSavvy℠ Business, describes some of our concepts, tools and practical ideas.  You can order that by clicking here.



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