Founders' Story

Our Philosophy and Raison d'être.

  • We formed our consulting firm because we are passionate problem solvers and believe that by identifying and discussing the most business critical issues can you tackle the business challenges of any company.
  • We were trained by some of the best managers in successful and iconic companies and have decades of "feet-on-the-street" experience.
  • We have learned to use and apply tools and processes, both necessary but not sufficient by themselves to scale a company for growth. We have even created some of our own proprietary processes like PRASE and tools such as Quad Mapping.
  • We seek out information and knowledge from diverse sources both inside and outside the company; we are self-reflective and work to understand the thinking process of our clients. It is this combination of experience, knowledge, wisdom, business acumen and insight that enables us to help guide our clients to solutions to their problems.
  • We want to help companies not only solve their current problems, but help them reimagine their vision and mission for future success.
  • We have a passion for success and the ability to creatively hack and create exceptional work that is both practical, straightforward, and both top and bottom-line focused.


Our Story

  • We are experienced, real world C-level executives with decades of diverse, global experience; walked in shoes of other senior executives.  We understand business from the top down.
  • We have been successful in the companies for which we worked, have dramatically improved business results as represented by our stories (SARS). We want to share this knowledge with other companies and help them be successful by being a guiding light to their senior executives whose companies are experiencing turbulence, changes in their life-cycle or are stalled in their growth and profit initiatives. Along the way we have had some unique experiences and developed a plethora of business and industry insights.
  • We have built up a "war room" of capabilities, tools, industry contacts and skills - based on these learnings we developed a process based on the principle of:
    • Disciplined creativity: Process + people = Results (revenue, margin growth, constraint mollification.)
  • Our services and products are 1) Solution-focused and 2) Customer-focused.
  • We provide an innovative/new and different (angle/perspective) look at current and anticipated business problems and bring customized, tailored solutions to every engagement.
  • We are centered on primary activities of the value chain.
  • Our Consultancy and advisory services are aimed at business performance- increasing revenue and margin (growth hacking) and constraint removal.
  • Our recommendations come with hands-on implementation as our clients' desire.
  • We have several different value programs including project work, interim executive work, and pure advisory services.
  • Our services come with a: “Pay for what is fair℠” guarantee.


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