We work collaboratively with management teams to remove the constraints to profitable growth. Problems can be strategic or tactical, and the reality is you have to be good at both. Our PRASE methodology is simple to understand but takes experience to make effective. We bring that experience to you. Whether helping you separate symptoms from larger problems or managing the execution of action plans we help you get the results you desire.


We offer management consulting services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Our practice areas include:


  • Leadership and Strategic Planning
  • Go-to-Market Planning and Marketing
  • Risk and Crisis Management


Our capabilities stem from our background in both the corporate and start-up worlds and CLP now brings them to both small and mid-cap companies. Our focus is on helping guide companies facing market turbulence and managing changes in their lifecycle.


Leadership and Strategic Planning  

We provide an outside perspective on your business model, strategy and operational plans. We have the hands-on experience to help you develop and successfully implement strategies leading to long term profitable growth.

Marketing and Go to Market Planning

Our strategic capabilities extend to a deep understanding of the marketing mix. We provide advice and hands-on help in ensuring you have the right marketing strategies and tactics to achieve long term profitable growth.


Risk and Crisis Management          

Business involves both obvious and subtle risks. We provide advice and resources to help you identify and manage the key risks to achieving long term profitable growth. 





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