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Even the most experienced sailor needs the help of the beam of the lighthouse when the waters are tricky or the weather is foul. When you face turbulence in your business, or are transitioning to a new phase in your company’s lifecycle, you may need help from professionals that have navigated those waters. That is why C-Level Partners exists: to be there for you as a beacon for value creation in turbulent times.


C-Level Partners is a group of elite executives that have navigated the toughest waters. Our practice focuses on business performance consulting and advisory services.  We serve small to mid-market companies that have a burning desire to achieve top tier revenue and profit growth. Just as there are visible and hidden rocks a ship must navigate to arrive at its destination, businesses have myriad constraints that can get in the way of profitable growth.


Removing constraints to profitable growth requires discipline. You must continuously challenge your business model, goals, strategies, and execution. Sometimes executive teams are too close to the action to see clearly. They need some outside perspective and sage advice to help serve as a guiding light.


C-Level Partners recognizes the challenges you face because we've been in your seat. In addition, we are objective and help shed light in areas where you may have difficulty seeing clearly. Our PRASE methodology for solving problems aids our advisors in helping you identify and remove the constraints to growing your business profitably.


We provide advice and hands-on help to grow your business, specifically helping you assess your overall business strategy, operations, marketing and sales approach. We act and behave as if we are owners in your business. Our managing directors roll up their sleeves and work with you and your team. We do not pass the work off to less experienced consultants. Consequently, our cost structure is lower than the traditional consulting firms and we believe the value delivered is far greater. Our promise to you is that we will always be there as your “beacon for value creation.”



We  just published our new book called StreetSavvy Business. This book is about business success and provides some idea, constructs, business models and business architectures to help the reader to find ways to win the business game against its competition. The focus is on being “Street Savvy.”   Accordingly, the book is written in conversational style- not too formal or too colloquial.


This book is NOT intended to be a marketing textbook nor a book specifically on leadership. There is a raft of books dealing with these subjects. So, while there are several chapters on leadership, I would look at these chapters to augment the thinking of leadership gurus. Some people may think that this book is about marketing because of the focus on the customer, innovation and brand. And clearly these are marketing subjects.


We believe that you will be able to get practical ideas and utility from the concepts in this book. And hopefully these will help your business grow profitably.  And we are always here to help if you need us.


Order the book in Kindle version from Amazon or in paperback from www.lulu.com or just click the button below.


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