Frequently asked Questions about C-level Partners


1. What is the purpose and mission of C-Level Partners (CLP)?


Our mission is to help executives identify and manage obstacles and risks to achieving profitable growth. We guide executives through business turbulence by combining our extensive related experience with the discipline of proven methodologies. We are a beacon for value creation.


2. What are CLP’s Values?


Our key values are:

  • Integrity ─ we say what we mean and do what we say - we meet our commitments
  • Trust ─ we are honest, competent and reliable
  • Value ─ our services and associated fees provide unquestionable value
  • Respect ─ we listen and judge the merit of ideas versus who expresses them

In short, we behave as if we are owners in your business. And we roll up our sleeves and do the work required. Of course, the best way to evaluate our competence and character is by reading the testimonials or talking with someone who has experienced our work.


3. How is the PRASE methodology different from the multitude of other tools used by companies and consultants?


There are numerous tools to help businesses solve problems and many of them look alike. Tools are not solutions and provide no magic formula for success. However, they do provide guidance and enable a disciplined approach to creating value.


We use the PRASE methodology because it is simple and flexible. PRASE helps us help companies determine strategic imperatives and establish tactical plans. Note, however, because something is simple does not mean it is easy. For example, separating problems from symptoms is a simple concept yet difficult to do. In addition, it takes honesty and tenacity to get to the root cause of a problem. A simple methodology like PRASE, in the hands of experienced professionals like CLP, illuminates the path to understanding and corrective action.


4. With so many consultants to choose from why should I select CLP?


CLP does not try to be all things to all people. We focus on our competencies; serving senior executives of small to mid-market companies in the technology, financial services, and business services industries. In particular, our focus is companies experiencing turbulence that is preventing the achievement of strategic objectives or goals. This turbulence may be due to a variety of factors including but not limited to:

  • Challenges from transitioning to a new point on the business ifecycle (e.g., ability to scale up).
  • Lack of inertia in getting strategic initiatives (e.g., new product launches) across the finish line.
  • The current strategy does not appear to be effectively combatting aggressive cimpetition.

How we approach our work is what sets CLP apart from similar firms:

  • We take our client’s business seriously, but not ourselves.
  • We are fanatical about our clients feeling they received excellent value for the cost of our services.
  • We listen to make sure we give our clients exactly what they need the first time they ask for it.


5. What value does CLP offer?


The difference between success and failure is sometimes measured in inches or seconds. We have the experience and the tools to help clients navigate the turbulence in their business before disaster strikes. In general, consultants are valued for their objective perspective and expertise in creating the change required for success. In addition, CLP’s value consists of:

  • Proven methodologies, tools, and guidance in piloting companies through turbulent times to achieve profitable growth.
  • Having walked in the shoes of its clients, bringing deep hands-on experience facilitating an effective and efficient working relationship.
  • A fee structure that is affordable with a clear link to value added.
  • Providing continuity in service including getting actual work done.


6. How does CLP charge for its services?


We offer a variety of services including assessments, problem solving, facilitation, and change management in the areas of strategy, marketing, and risk management. Our hourly rates are distinctively competitive. Our Managing Directors do the work so there is little overhead and no training costs for junior consultants. A typical engagement will include a free consultation to scope the project. You can choose a time and materials or fixed cost arrangement. The cost of projects will vary based on the complexity and time required.


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