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Although the C Level Partners' Managing Directors have considerable experience in key areas of value creation, there are areas were others have more expertise. CLP primarily focuses on the primary activities of the value chain in business such as strategy, marketing, sales, product development,  customer service, and risk management. As business problems and opportunities sometimes require the expertise of “back office” and support professionals (Human Resources, Legal, Finance, IT), CLP has relationships with such professionals to participate in projects as needed.


Additionally, this section on resources includes information that will be useful to existing and perspective clients as they look for opportunities to successfully grow their top line and add value to their business.   We provide papers, newsletters with useful articles to help you operationalize growth, and other information that can be used in your business.    And if you feel you want us to consider a topic, please let us know.

Capital Management Group

CMG, Capital Management Group (www.cm-group.com) organizes Business Loans and Working Capital for businesses with start-up and expansion projects from $3 Million up to $25 Million or more within US and for International Projects. Capital Management Group (CMG) is a California licensed lender/broker for organizing financing to small/medium businesses. CMG provides a full range of financing services to US and International business clients that include defining/improving business models, creating/redoing investment grade business plans including Financial Modeling, presenting the investment proposal to a screened list of lenders/investors, and obtaining approval/disbursement of funds from SBA, US and international banks/institutions.

CivicMinds Recruitment

CivicMinds Recruitment (www.civicminds.com) is Southern California’s expert recruitment agency for all “C” level and senior executives with an emphasis in the Information Technology (IT), Banking, Medical Devices, and Analytics industries. They deliver more than just quality staffing services; they help bring our client companies from “Zero-to-Hero” by seeking out unmatched professional talents for their teams. CivicMind’s “Recruitment Process” goes beyond traditional recruiting services as they take on some or all of their client’s internal recruitment needs to deliver talents and resources that best fit the unique skill sets and their client’s culture, while streamlining and driving cost savings at the same time.

Professional Memberships

We keep current in several areas that will add value to our clients.   Our membership guarantees the best possible results for your business.


We're proud to be a member of the following organizations:

  • TechCoastAngels 
  • Children's Hospital of Orange County- Medical Information and Intelligence Institute
  • Society of Physician Entrepreneurs
  • Association for Corporate Growth
  • UCI Innovation Center
  • Forum for Corporate Directors
  • Orange County Regulatory Affairs Discussion Group

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